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Mathematical Symbols

Posted on: Fri Feb 23 2024 05:30:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Symbol Symbol Name
$\approx$ approximately equal
$\neq$ not equal to
$\leq$ inequality, less than or equal to
$\geq$ inequality, greater than or equal to
$\equiv$ equivalence
( ) parentheses
[ ] brackets
{ } braces
$mod$ modulo
$a^b$ power
$\infty$ lemniscate, infinity
$\nabla$ nabla, del
$\partial$ partial
$\cdot$ period, scalar product, dot product
$\times$ multiply, vector product, cross product
$\otimes$ tensor product
$\forall$ For all
$\cup$ union
$\cap$ intersection
$\subset$ subset
$\in$ in
$\notin$ not in

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