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How to Create a Dofollow Backlink on Blogger

A dofollow backlink on Blogger, a top-quality website owned by Google can immensely improve search rankings for a URL.

I am not talking about backlink from a Blogspot blog.

Follow the instructions below to add dofollow backlink to blogger

  • Firstly, follow this link to edit your blogger profile (if you don’t have one, then create it using your Google account).
  • Secondly, under the General heading as shown in the image below, add the URL of the page you want a dofollow backlink for, inside the box for Wishlist URL (all other links are nofollow).


Save the profile after adding the URL.

  • Use the link “View Updated Profile” at the top of the edit profile page to visit your public blogger profile page as shown in the image below.


You can find the dofollow backlink as the Wishlist link as shown in the image below.


Click the Wishlist link to check the link is working.

  • Only Wishlist link is the dofollow one, all other links are nofollow.
  • Once this public profile is indexed by Google, you start getting link juice to your Webpage.