10 Free/Premium Popular Keyword Research Tools

Posted on: Wed May 29 2019 05:30:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

A collection of manually selected best keyword research tools offering free and premium tools to find the most searched and profitable keywords for any niche.

Before starting to discuss all the keyword research tools, I want to specifically mention my personal favorite Semrush.

The first step in creating useful content is keyword research.

There are many articles regarding the importance and methods of finding the right keywords using different keyword research tools.

Here, through the medium of this article, I am contributing some facts which I have learned in my blogging journey.

According to Wikipedia, Keyword research is a practice search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to find and research alternative search terms that people enter into search engines while looking for a similar subject.

What are Keywords?

The search terms used by search engine users to query the search engine for their requirements are termed as keywords.

What is Keyword Research?

It is the process of finding the most popular and extensively used keywords by the search engine users in your niche.

How important is keyword research?

Search engines rank content on the basis of some set rules and other dynamically created rules learned by the search engine algorithms through artificial intelligence.

Nobody can predict those rules correctly.

But we believe that the algorithm creators of search engines created an equal platform for all, where good content is rewarded and bad practices are punished.

So the best practices include general ethics and good writing practices to be followed.

But, how a search engine will know that your content is relevant to a particular user query.

Here comes the role of keywords.

When you know the keywords which people are searching for the solutions you are providing through your content, then natural usage of those keywords will help you make your content great.

The use of popular phrases and keywords will help bring more traffic to your website.

Proper keyword research is needed to make your content marketing strategy successful.

Why you need Keyword Research?

How to do proper Keyword Research?

Now that you have got the basic idea, we can discuss the recipe for proper keyword research.

Just choosing keywords randomly is not the correct way.

There are a lot of premium and free keyword research tools in the market which has a lot of experience in keyword research gained through data analytics techniques.

Now we are going to discuss some of the best keyword research tools which we have used in keyword research.

SeoBook Keyword Tool

Seobook is a very popular SEO tool source.

One of their popular tools is the SeoBook Keyword Tool.

This is not a plugin.

It is free, you just have to register with an email and password to create a Seobook account.

Only logged in users can access the tool.

Then search for the topic you are writing about, the tool will show you a long list of different profitable and popular keywords.


The amount of monthly and daily searches in the US and UK for different search engines like google, bing is also shown with CPC and Traffic value.

A small checkbox (G Trends) for including Google Trends data near to the search box is offered.

You can also export the keyword list into a CSV file through the button provided for the same.

In short, the tool is extremely useful to find profitable keywords.

Moz Keyword Research Tool


Moz is a strong SEO tools provider in the market.

Moz offers some free tools like Open site explorer and Keyword research tool.


Moz keyword tool can be used after you register a free account with Moz and log in.


Google Trends

Google trends is a very helpful tool to find out trending keywords in the world.

You can search for your topic of interest in the search box and find out the latest and previous trends related to that topic.

If you are searching for a topic to write about, then it can help you find the most trending topics.

You can write a piece of content related to the latest trending topics if your blog vision allows you to incorporate that and attract a huge traffic surge in your favor.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is also an important keyword research tool offering the most trustworthy keyword data.

This fantastic tool offers the AdWords information about various keywords you search for and also shows the traffic and AdWords cost for that keyword.



Semrush is the favorite keyword research and SEM tool of most of the content marketers, all goes to its awesomeness.

It is one of the tops in the keyword SEO tools as it provides location-based data for keywords.


Semrush is an all in one tool for SEO and SEM.

Moreover, it provides many tools just for free and some tools with free registration.

It offers keyword research and much more.



KeywordTool.io is one of the wonderful keyword research tools available in the market to get long-tail keyword suggestions.

It can give you suggestions for different search engines like Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon, and eBay, etc.

You can get keyword suggestions for different search locations in the world.

The free search only provides the keyword suggestions and not the search volume data.


You can try it and if you need the search volume data you can buy the PRO service.



Keyword.io offers Free Longtail Keyword Finder Tools.

You can get keyword suggestions for Google, Youtube, Amazon, Bing, Yandex, Wikipedia, eBay, Alibaba, Playstore, Fiverr, and more for free.

You can find keywords suggestions based on different locations.



KWFinder provides suggestions for <span class="has-inline-color has-black-color">long-tail keywords with a low SEO difficulty level.


Such keywords help you rank fast in search engine results for long-tail keywords and start bringing traffic to your website.



LongTailPro is a premium keyword research tool.

It helps you get keyword suggestions for long-tail keywords so that you can write content around them to rank higher in the search engines.

Long Tail Keywords are more specific than the head keywords, and hence more likely to convert.

Google Autocomplete/Autosuggest


This one is the most trustworthy keyword research tool as it is from the horse’s mouth.

When you start typing a phrase to search in google, google uses autocomplete to provide suggestions for possible search phrases to you as visible in the snapshot below.

The autocomplete phrases are a source of long-tail keywords.

Thus you can get suggestions from Google itself.